Stepping driver 4 axis 4.8Vdc

Stepping driver 4 axis 4.8Vdc

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NV8727T4V3 adopts driver chip manufactured by Japan Sanyo. Is suitable to drive the small and medium phase (the two or four phase) hybrid step motor. Current of NV8727T4V3 have eight choices, such 0.6A 1.2A 1.8A 2.4A 3A 3.6A 4.2A 4.8A. NV8727T4V3 supports a series of MACH2, MACH3 and KCAM4 software. It applies mold processing and plane sculpture widely.
The new style bipolar constant current chopping technology enables the LV8727T4V3 output higher speed and power when you use the same motor. Its sub-division feature improves the motor operating accuracy, decreases the shaking and reduces the noise.

1. Can drive 4 pieces 4A stepper motors at the same time and have the 5th axis extension interface.
2. High-speed opt coupler (DCDC) enables complete isolation, which protects your computer indeed.
3. Spindle relay output enables to use mach3 software to control start and stop of main axle easily.
4. Half-current control function enables current reduce to the minimum when motor stop.
5. Have fan interface and can add some fans.
6. Have 8 current choices (0.6-4.8A) of output two phase bipolar stepper motor drive.
7. Normal parallel port, support a series of MACH2, MACH3 and KCAM4 software
8. Have 4 limiting inserted connectors, can connect them conveniently.
9. Have 4 types work mod, mixed mode, fast mode, slow mode and general mode.
10. have 8 subdivisions——2\8\16\32\64\128\10\20;
11. 12-36V one power suppl y, adopt switch power supply chip, voltage 5V, stabilization and low temperature.



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